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About us

ZYY is the leading partner of choice where customers can enjoy secure, reliable, accessible and well-managed distribution centers that are synchronized with their supply chain operations. We offer value-added logistics solutions encompassing warehousing and distribution, ecommerce as well as a wide range of other related services including labeling, packing and unpacking cargo directly from containers and distribution of packed goods.
Our E-commerce integrates with online retailers to provide seamless pick, pack and ship services, including online inventory maintenance and customer shipment tracking. 
ZYY not only help to manage your inventory, but also help to reduce your inventory costs. We provide best-in-class warehousing, distribution supply chain services to clients.
-Supply Chain and Distribution Management
-Inventory Management
-Labeling, Shrinking, Wrapping, Bundling, Boxing, Taping,
-Packing , Unpacking and palletizing.
When you partner with us, we take it seriously and deliver on our commitments. The results always exceed expectations. This is why our clients and partners have come to trust us.
Connect with us today, and we’ll connect you with the world and the world with your vision.
Besides, ZYY doing wholesale business on LED Lights.


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